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Beau Decca

An interesting radiogram, coming onto the market during 1947. These radiograms were very well made, having separate amplifier / PSU and radio sections. For those that could not afford the radio section (some 35 guineas was probably 10 or more weeks wages) the set could be sold with this section removed, leaving just the deck and amplifier. This model boasts a powerful 5 watts via two PX4 triode valves, driving three 8” speakers mounted on a curved baffle with specially shapes wooden louvers deflecting the sound evenly around the room. Decca came up with a wide range pickup which, with a good stylus, is capable of excellent results. This coupled with a very good radio section design and the unusual speaker system, the sound quality produced can better most sets that were produced well into the ‘60s.

McMurdo 15-17 | Blaupunkt

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