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McMichael 365, 137, 135

Slightly unusual design. Radio section is straight forward, but the cabinet and dial definitely hark back to shipping days. The dial resembles a ships’ engine telegraph. Nice touch being that the scale is illuminated in different colours depending on waveband selected. When gram is selected, the lamp in the cabinet lid comes on so you can see where to put the record, should you be performing in the dark. Two loudspeakers are fitted, one being for treble, for what there is of it.

Electrically the set had despatched its’ electrolytic capacitors. These were cardboard box types and their insides covered the interior of the cabinet. All these changed and a new rectifier fitted, the set worked very well. I, without thinking condemned all the 0.5, 0.1 and 0.01 uf capacitors. I thought I would check a big 0.5 uf just for amusement. The AVO gave a healthy kick and rested back at infinity on the X 100 range. Rubbish, you do not have a healthy 60 year old paper capacitor. But, all capacitors were in first class order and in spec. Who made these things?... Muirhead was the answer. This was very strange, especially as I served a 4 year apprenticeship with this company which was based in Beckenham Kent. Well done that company. Hunts could have learned a lot from you.

The other nice fault with this set was an open circuit pick up coil in the record deck. Two hors of unwinding and rewinding the bobbin fixed this. Never again.


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